Sev is a popular Indian snack food consisting of small pieces of crunchy noodles made from besan, rice flour, and other spices for the variety sevs. our company are made many variety sevs on their own spiciness. These sevs are vary in thickness. Sev is eaten as a standalone snack as well as a topping on dishes like Bhelpuri and Sevpuri .


  • Crispy Texture
  • Natural Flavour
  • Rich Taste
  • Enhanced shelf life
  • Kara Sev
    Oma Sev
    Mint Sev
    Ginger Sev
    Garlic Sev
    Onion Sev
    Pepper Sev
    Butter Sev
    Green Chilly Sev
    Magizhampoo Sev